Committee on Foreign Affairs, Diaspora and Strategic Investments

  • Friday, 18.05.2018 13:00
  • Committee meeting Room: N 10


Key policies emerging from the needs of Diaspora during the implementation of the initiative "Structured dialogue on the rights of Diaspora".

(The media can take pictures at the beginning of the meeting)



  • Friday, 04.05.2018 14:00
  • Committee meeting Room: N 302


Review of the state Draft Platform on finalization of the dialogue between the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia for the normalization of relations between the two states.


  • Thursday, 26.04.2018 14:30
  • Committee meeting Room: N 303


1. Approval of the agenda;
2. Meeting with the Ambassador of Norway Mr. Per Strand Sjaastad, to discuss about the visit of the Committee in Norway;
3. Approval of the minutes from the meetings held on 29 March, 3, 10 and 12 April 2018;
4. Functionalization of the working groups of the Committee;
5. Others.


  • Thursday, 12.04.2018 15:00
  • Committee meeting Room: C 301


Committee meeting with the Parliamentary Friendship group Kuwait-Kosovo


  • Tuesday, 10.04.2018 11:00
  • Committee meeting Room: N204


Meeting with Mr. Besian Mustafa, General Director of the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA) regarding the strategic investment sector and on the challenges arising during the implementation of the Law on Strategic Investment.


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Minire Hasani Position: Coordinator Email: [email protected] Telephone: 038 200 10 621; 044 952 134
Manush Krasniqi Position: Administrative Officer Email: [email protected] Telephone: 038 200 10 620; 044 605 542