Committee on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions

  • Wednesday, 25.04.2018 13:00
  • Meeting of the committee Room: N 303


1. Consideration of the Annual Report 2017 of the Ombudsperson Institution,
2. Reporting to the Committee, regarding the: implementation of the National Strategy for Protection from Domestic Violence and Action Plan 2016-2020, the functioning of shelters and the fight against domestic violence.
Invitees: National Coordinator against Domestic Violence, Chief Executive
Officer of the Agency for Gender Equality, Representative from Department of
Social and Family Policy - MLSW
3. Notification of the Functional Committee regarding the review of Petitions by the
Group working,
4. Other.


  • Wednesday, 18.04.2018 10:00
  • Meeting of the committee Room: N 10


1. Adoption of the minutes from the previous meetings,

2. Discussion regarding the marking the week of the Missing Persons in Kosovo.



  • Tuesday, 10.04.2018 10:00
  • Table Room: C 203


Invitation for participation on Round Table regarding the issue of meat processing and
import in Kosovo.

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Selman Ymeri Position: Coordinator Email: [email protected] Telephone: 038 200 10 635; 044 250 339
Sulltane Gashi Position: Field Officer Email: [email protected] Telephone: 038 200 10 624; 044 412 924