Two committees of the Assembly discussed the issue of the transmitting the competences in the scope of security

Wednesday, 31.08.2005

There is a policy preparedness, as in New York as in Kosovo, for transmitting the competences in the scope of security. To have trust to the population of Kosovo and the issue of competences should not be understood as a decoration but just to transmit responsibilities to the most and small part will still remain responsibility of SRSG. In this spirit already has started a dynamic acceleration of activities on transmitting the competences. The level of intensity of these works will be increasing till the establishment of the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

These were some of ascertainments from the common meeting of the Committee for Emergency Preparedness and the Committee for Public Services, Local Administration and Media of the Assembly of Kosovo, lead by the chairpersons of these committees Naim Maloku and Nekibe Kelmendi. In this meeting, where participant were also the chiefs of parliamentary groups, the leader of Pillar I of UNMIK, Mr. Jean Dussourd and representatives from OSCE and UNMIK Police, was discussed regarding the process of transmitting the competences in the scope of security.

The security situation in Kosovo should be on the hands of Kosovars in order to fight corruption and organized crime. In all future structures in the scope of security should be involved also members of minorities, especially to ensure equal approach at police department and justice and to guarantee the life of all citizens. The Kosovo Police Service should be one, meaning the parallel structures should be disintegrated. The whole transfer of competences should go step by step, emphasized Mr. Jean Dussourd, talking about main principals that should be implemented during the transmitting of competences, especially during the establishment of the Ministry of Security.

On this occasion, it was broadly discussed and which will go on discussing regarding the determination of best solutions in transmitting the competences, especially about the draft regulation for Kosovo Police Service, that according to Naim Maloku instead we should use the term Police Department of Kosovo. From the other side of discussion there were many remarks regarding some solutions that were offered from the Plan for transmitting the competences there was also a return back to the year of 1975 and 2000-2001.