Assembly Meetings Calendar

Meeting of the Presidency

Presidency of the Assembly

Wednesday, 11.04.2012 11:00 in room N 303


1. Approval of the Minutes of Presidency meeting, held on 2 and 3 March 2012,

2. Preparations for the next plenary session:

1. Time for declarations out of the agenda,
2. Time for parliamentary questions,
3. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting,
4. First reading of the Draft Law on flour fortification,

5. Review of the first Report on implementation of Kosovo Assembly Action Plan on
European Integration, for the year 2012,

6. Review of the Strategy and action Plan against corruption, for the year 2012-2016.

7. Review of annual financial Report of Kosovo Competition Authority, for the year

8. Review of annual Report of Procurement Review Body, for the year 2011,

9. Review of annual Report of Regulatory Commission of Public Procurement, for the year 2011.


3. Review of recommendations and requests:

1. Proposals of the Government of Republic of Kosovo on Amending the Constitution of

2. Review of the Draft Law on amending and supplementing the Laws related to the ending of
International oversight of Independence,

3. Decision of the President regarding the return of the Law on Pensions of Members of
Security Force, in reconsideration,

4. Review of Proposal-decision of the Government of Republic of Kosovo regarding the
appointment of the members in Independent Board for Appeals Review,

5. Notification of the Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, Rural Development, Environment and
Spatial Planning, regarding the official visits paid in Sarajevo and Austria.