Assembly Meetings Calendar

Plenary Session

Thursday, 03.05.2018 10:00


1. Time for declarations outside the agenda,
2. Time for parliamentary questions,
3. Adoption of the minutes of previous sessions,
4. The review of the Draft Law on ratification of the Treaty between Republic of Kosovo
and Hungary on Extradition,

5. First review of the Draft Law on the Disciplinary Liability of Judges and Prosecutors,
6. First review of the Draft Law on Amnesty,
7. Appointment of the Director and Deputy Director of the Executive Secretariat of the
Agency on Comparison and Verification of Properties,

8. Formation of the Ad-hoc Committee on the selection of one (1) candidate as a member
of the RTK Board,

9. Proposal by Parliamentary group Lëvizja Vetëvendosje regarding the dismissal of the
Vice-speaker of the Assembly, Ms. Aida Dërguti,

10. Establishment of a Parliamentary Investigation Committee concerning the expenses of
lobbying activities by the Presidency and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.



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