ERSTE Foundation, in cooperation with the Assembly
of Kosovo, invites all interested non-governmental
organisations in Kosovo to apply for the Democracy
Workshops Project.
The Democracy Workshops Project is based on principles of
civic education for school children which will help them gain
knowledge on parliamentarian democracy, parliamentary
work, adoption and enforcement of laws, as well as the role
of media in a pluralistic society. The program is designed
as a workshop through which the school children between
the age of 8 and 14, with the help of selected and educated
trainers, can learn through playing how parliamentarian
democracy works. The goal is to promote an interest in
democratic and political processes, as well as to contribute
to better understanding for children.
The selected NGO will o er a technical and expertise
support to the Administration of the Assembly of Kosovo in
implementing this project, which will be funded by ERSTE
Foundation. The project duration is planned for two years
(maximum extension up to three years). After this phase,
there is a possibility for the Administration of the Assembly
to continue with the project implementation independently.

Eligible organisations must meet all the following criteria:
• be registered according to the law;
• be experienced in project management and fi nancial
• be experienced in collaborating with state institutions;
• be experienced in the recruitment and team management;
• have minimum two years of project management
experience (note: the selected NGO will have to recruit
trainers under the Assembly's criteria for employment,
with the support of ERSTE Foundation, that will be
provided with a suffi cient training);
• have team members who use English language on a
suffi cient level for daily work;
• be headquartered in Prishtina.
Previous experience in civic education and/or work with
school children will be an asset.
Eligible organisations must submit the following
• letter of interest;
• proof of NGO registration;
• CVs of the NGO Board Members and the person
representing the NGO;
• short description of working fi eld of respective NGO;
• written report on a good practice (up to three pages);
• any other documentation (e.g., statute, performance
report, certifi cates, awards, publications) that addresses
the qualifi cation requirements as listed above.
Eligible organisations should send their application
documents as PDF fi les in English language, via e-mail
to ERSTE Foundation: [email protected] by
06 November 2015.
The applications will be reviewed by a screening
committee against the listed requirements. Organisations
meeting these requirements will be contacted for further
application procedure.
Please note that only eligible organisations will be
contacted until 13 November 2015 for further recruitment
process. The screening committee meeting will be on
23 November 2015 in Prishtina