For the post of Ombudsperson

Application Document

The Presidency of the Assembly

Hereby issues this

For the post of Ombudsperson

The Ombudsperson Institution is responsible for monitoring, promoting and protecting the rights and freedoms of residents of Kosovo and natural and legal persons in the territory of Kosovo in order to ensure that all such persons are able to exercise effectively the human rights and fundamental freedoms safeguarded by international human rights standards as incorporated in the applicable law.

The Assembly of Republic of Kosovo, pursuant to UNMIK Regulation Nr. 2007/15 for amending the UNMIK Regulation 2006/06, On the Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo, and Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, on the appointment of Ombudsperson and Deputy Ombudspersons, invites all institutions and organizations involved in the monitoring, protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Kosovo to nominate candidates for the position of Ombudsperson.
• The Assembly will give special consideration to fulfilling needs of ethnic and gender diversity.

III. Qualifications:
Candidates for the position of the Ombudsperson must be eminent figure of high moral character, impartial and with integrity who possess a demonstrated commitment to human rights and who are habitual citizens of Kosovo.

The following documentation must accompany all nominations:

a) A Curriculum Vitae (C.V.),
b) Letter of motivation by the nominating organization or institution,
c) Completed application form,
d) Evidence of habitual residency,
e) Evidence of educational and professional qualifications.

Nominations and applications must be sent no later than 5th April 2008 at 17: 00.

Deliver your nominations and applications in person or by mail to this address:

Republic of Kosovo Assembly Building in Pristine (Mother Theresa Street, Personnel Section, Office N-217) by
e-mail to : [email protected] by fax : + 381(0) 38 211 183

Application forms are available at the following locations:

Printed form: at the Administration of the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo; Ombudsperson Institution (Headquarters and field offices); or

Online form: Republic of Kosovo Assembly webpage e-
Ombudsperson Institution -

Other additional information are available every working day until 17:00, on these phone numbers: +381 (0) 38 211- 181 and +377 (0) 44 248-915.