Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

Presidency of the Assembly

In accordance with the Rules of Procedure, the Presidency meets every working week of the Assembly to prepare the agenda for the meeting of the next Assembly session as well as to prepare the agenda for the next coming two weeks.
The presidency makes sure that any substantial motion supported by six or more Members of the Assembly, is put in the agenda for the plenary session of the Assembly within three working weeks since that support is expressed.
The Presidency decides based on consensus. In cases when consensus is not achieved, apart from specified cases, the Presidency decides based on a majority vote.

Vjosa Osmani - Sadriu


Vice Presidents of the Assembly

Arbërie Nagavci


Self-determination Movement!

Kujtim Shala


Democratic League of Kosovo

Memli Krasniqi


Democratic Party of Kosovo

Slavko Simić


Serbian List

Fikrim Damka


Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo