Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

Committee on Health and Social Welfare

The Committee on Health and Social Welfare is a functional committee, and within its scope and responsibilities considers all the matters related to health and social welfare.

Calendar of activities of the Committee

Wednesday, 11:30 09 March 2022
Meeting Room N10

Committee meeting

Wednesday, 10:00 02 March 2022
Meeting Room N302

Committee meeting


Committee composition




038 200 10 610

044 666 835

[email protected]



Visoki zvanicnik oblasti

038 200 10 622

044 613 370

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Committee documents

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Scope of this Committee includes: 

-    Engaging for determination and follow up of policies for development and efficient functioning of health care and social welfare;
-    Engaging for conceptualization of the general strategy for health protection of Kosovo citizens and other citizens, that are temporarily residing in Kosovo, by promoting the application of modern standards for health care;
-    Engaging for ensuring a satisfactory welfare in Kosovo, including security and social protection of Kosovo citizens, social protection of war invalids, families of martyrs, work invalids, political prisoners and their families, all categories of those who are not capable of working, and building an effective pension system for all categories.  
-    Engaging for reviewing the Government programme, the manner and level of its implementation in the field of health care and social welfare and making recommendations to the Assembly;
-    Engaging for identifying specific government programmes, namely of the relevant ministry and in cooperation with the Committee on Budget and Transfer reviews in details how it’s financing and management was conducted;
-    Reviewing the legislation falling within its scope;
-    Reviewing the draft budget and reviewing the budget of the relevant ministry and recommending to the Committee on Budget and Transfer to review and adopt it at the Assembly, including amendments;
-    Oversight of law implementation within its scope;
-    Considering other matters, set by this Rules of Procedure and matters that are referred to this committee by a special decision of the Assembly.

In exercising its function, the Committee cooperates with the relevant line ministry and all other ministries, from which it can request concrete data, including direct reports from ministers or other responsible persons, when requested by the committee.