Fifth Legislation Period (17.07.2014 - 10.05.2017)

Ismet Beqiri

Ismet Beqiri

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo

    Parliamentary Group

  • LDK


  • Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK)

Personal Data

  • Date of birth 06/07/1964 in Tërrnavë (Podujevë)
  • Married, 3 children


  • Graduated lawyer University of Prishtina -Law Faculty

Past and Present Activities and Functions

  • Professor and Secretary in Secondary Technical School, 28 Nëntori,-Prishtinë, from 1991- June 2002

  • Director of Municipal Public Company ,,Sportmarketing,,Prishtinë, from June 2002-November 2002

  • Political Carrier:

  • Member of LDK party, from its establishment,

  • Founder of LDK I-st branch Kodra e Trimave-Prishtinë

  • Secretary of this branch from 13 May 1990-April 2002

  • President of the branch from 2002, a duty which performs as well as at present,

  • Delegate in all Central Assemblies of LDK party (VI)

  • Member of General Council of LDK party

  • Member of the Central Presidency of LDK party,

  • Member of Parliament of Republic of Kosova of year 1998,

  • Member of the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina from 2000-2002,

  • Mayor of Prishtina Municipality from 27 November 2002-3 January 2008,

  • Presiodent of the Association for Municipalities of Kosova from 2005-January 2008,

  • Member of the Parliament of Republic of Kosova, from 03 January 2008, (after the elections of 17 November 2007)

  • Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Petitions and Missing Persons.


  • English
  • Serbian
  • Croatian