Fifth Legislation Period (17.07.2014 - 10.05.2017)

Muhamet Mustafa

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo

    Parliamentary Group

  • LDK


  • Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK)

Personal Data

  • Date of birth 04/01/1950
  • maried, four children


  • Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor of subjects related to the development management. Postgraduate Studies in the USA, England and Belgium

Past and Present Activities and Functions

  • Worked in journalism, has led the Road Fund, has conducted several public and political functions in the period (1977-1989), where on the occasion of the miners' strike was dismissed from the function


  • He is the founder and leader of Riinvest Institute until October 2010 when elected MP of the Assembly. Has published 8 monographs and university textbooks, more than 30 studies in English and Albanian, over 30 articles in national and international scientific journals. He is a College professor at the RIINVEST College and chairman of the Academic Council of this college.

Other languages than mother tongue

  • Other than the mother language, knows very well English, Serbian and French language at the level of communication.


  • Prishtine, “Lidhja e Prizrenit” str, No.161