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Committee meetting

Committee on Budget and Finances

Wednesday, 08.11.2017 11:00 in room C 203


1. Adoption of the agenda;
2. Adoption of the minutes of the Committee meeting held on 17.10.2017;
3. Consideration of the request of the Government of Kosovo for consultation with the Budget and Finance Committee regarding the decision of the Government to set the excise tax rate;
4. Consideration of the Annual Financial Report of the Budget of the Republic of Kosovo for the year 2016;
5. Consideration of the Annual Report of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo for the year 2016;
6. Consideration of the Ombudsman's Financial Report for the year 2016;
7. Consideration of Financial Report of the Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications for the year 2016;
8. Review of the Proposal of the Committee on the Selection of the members of the Managing Board of the Kosovo Pension Savings Trust
9. Others