Presitent of the Assembly

Kadri Veseli

Kadri  Veseli

      The President of the Assembly of the Kosovo Republic
      Vice president of the Kosovo Democratic Party (PDK)

      Veseli was elected a president of the Assembly of the Kosovo Republic, on 8th of December 2014.

      Prior to being elected vice president of PDK on 27th of January 2013, Veseli was in charge of the Kosovo Intelligence Service (KIS), which was part of the partnership, in the field of security, with the international community, for building the peace and stability during the fragile post war situation in Kosovo.

      He was one of the main figures of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), and was an active supporter of the Peace Agreement signed in Rambouillet (1999), where Veseli has been engaged as a foreign advisor to the Kosovo delegation.

      Veseli was also one of the young leaders of the students’ movement during the years 1988 – 1990, a movement that engaged for the human and political rights of the Kosovo Albanians, including the right for the independence.

      The President of the Assembly has a Bachelor degree from the University of Prishtina, EMBA from the Sheffield University – International Faculty in Thessaloniki, Greece, whereas currently he is preparing the PhD Thesis in the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

      Veseli speaks English, German and Serbian language.

      Kadri and his wife, Violeta, are parents of four children.

      Kadri Veseli was born on 31st of May 1967, in Mitrovica.


      Komisioni për Buxhet dhe Financa

      Tel: 038 211 186


      Komisioni për Buxhet dhe Financa

      Tel: 038 211 186